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A Queen Duvet Cover For Luxury Bedding

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Making a choice based on the size of a duvet cover is usually simplified by the size of the bed that you own. Buying a queen duvet cover may not be a matter of choice unless you are considering changing the size of your bed. Of course you can buy a king or twin size to use on a queen size bed but the misfit will be obvious and might spoil the whole look of your bedroom.

And if you try to fit a queen size comforter to a smaller cover you will end up with a bunched up comforter. If you have a sleeping partner like you spouse, this could end up being like trying to share a twin sized bedding.

In essence a queen duvet cover is just a pillowcase for your comforter or duvet. It is meant to keep the comforter usable for a longer period of time. Its versatility enables you to change the look and feel of your room anytime you feel like it without spending too much money.

Different types of queen duvet covers

A queen duvet cover is typically 90 inches wide and 90 inches long and comes in different types and forms. For example there is the toile patterned 100% cotton queen duvet cover, which is made with a felicity fabric that reverses to a willow stripe fabric, a queen duvet cover that is printed on preshrunk, superior grade, soft cotton, one that is made of 55% linen and 45% cotton and machine washable and also one that is made with a horse and hound fabric with brick fabric piping that reverses to a saddle fabric. These are just a few of the many available in the market today.

The cost of a queen size duvet cover

Because these covers come in different varieties i.e. different color schemes, sizes, texture, brand and country of origin, they therefore have varying price ranges. This all depends on the listed factors and more such as whether you are buying a set or the items separately. For example, you can find a queen duvet cover going for $165 without the whole set and one going for $500 and comes with the whole set. The whole set being the sheets, pillows and sometimes even the curtains. You can visit Amazonfor a view of some of the best prices and best queen duvet covers available online.

Where to find a queen duvet cover

It is a good idea to visit some comparison websites where you can take sometime to review different prices of a wide range of items. You can also read some customer reviews on message boards and in authority sites like before making a purchase. Finding store ratings before you buy is another great idea as you don't want to find yourself buying a queen duvet cover that is not up to scratch. Unless of course you are buying from an online retailer like Amazon, then you can just read the reviews available on the site. You can also visit Yahoo! Shopping for the best product reviews, comparisons and merchant ratings. If you are up to some auctions, you can try out eBay but always ensure that the person you are buying form has a good rating.