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Interesting Facts About Brown Duvet Covers


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A brown duvet cover is one of the few bedroom items you can own which will give you more options for use and less trouble in maintenance. Simply put, a brown duvet cover is guaranteed to give you added satisfaction and reduced dissatisfaction.

All too often brown is perceived as a dull colour yet when used creatively with colours like red, it can give your bedroom, a refreshing and distinguished appearance.

 Here is a list of interesting facts about brown and red duvet covers.

Don't require frequent washing

Because it is a dark colour, brown doesn't easily get dirty. This means you can use your brown or brown and red duvet cover for a week or two - if you are not prone to heavy sweating in the night - before you can place it in the laundry bin. A light coloured duvet cover like white or lime on the other hand, requires washing almost daily.

Frequent washing makes the material more prone to wear and tear, which eventually becomes an expense to you as you continually have to buy new bed covers. So you can alternate your bedding with a white duvet cover and a red and brown duvet cover if you want to always keep your bedroom looking lovely without it being too taxing on your savings.

Can be accessorized with over 10 different colours

A brown duvet cover can be matched with over ten different colours to create even more inspiring bedroom themes. These colours include red, pink, lavender, turquoise, lime, orange, cream, bronze, green, yellow and white. Select different bedroom accessories like your shams, throws, curtains or even furnishings to reflect any of the latter named colours and create different themes for your bedroom. The themes can range from deep oriental and ethnic African to sophisticated western - whatever suits your mood.

A brown duvet cover with brown, cream and black (could be leopard or Zebra print shams) and some greenery can liven up your room to look like an African jungle. Throw in orange ornaments to go with your red and brown duvet cover instead of the greenery and your bedroom transforms into a contemporary, modern bedroom.

Looks perfect with wood paneling or flooring.

If your bedroom floor or ceiling is made of wood paneling, well rejoice! You are the one to really test the limits of the "added satisfaction" that can be guaranteed by owning a brown or brown and red duvet cover. Your wood paneling may be a dark brown or tan - no matter. Your brown and red duvet cover will positively glow in this environment. Complete this look with a red floor carpet, some oval and square shaped hot pink embroidered cushions and perhaps, red wall tapestry. Alternatively, have the carpet in cream and thrown in some large continental cushions of the same colour as well as peach and turquoise coloured shams to go with your brown duvet cover.don't let me limit you.!

Perfect accessory for those summer camps and picnics

Exactly because of what I mentioned in the first point - brown duvet covers don't get dirty too quickly!

Often available in Bed Linen Shops

Because it is generally considered a dull colour, most shoppers don't go for brown duvet covers so they are often available at shops.

Sure I promised to give you 5 facts about brown and brown and red duvet covers but because you've come this far you deserve an extra pointer; Brown and red duvet covers are perfect for those lazy bachelors and single ladies.