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Go Royal or Romantic With a Purple Duvet Cover


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A purple duvet cover is not as simple as it may look. Why because it represents all the things that the color purple symbolizes: royalty, magic, mystery, luxury, ambition, power, passion and romanticism! Who could think all those things are embodied in one purple duvet cover?!  

Well they are and in choosing a purple duvet cover, you too represent all those things. Just think about it for a minute.

 It's not that because you have or will buy a purple duvet cover then you become a symbol of all those things the colour purple represents. Rather because in you are some elements of being royal, you love mystery and luxury, and are an ambitious, powerful person who is very passionate and romantic, that's why you'll go for the purple duvet cover.

Purple is also described as a pacifying, refreshing and calming color, and certainly, a purple duvet cover will have that effect on you. Waking up from the folds of that lovely deep lavender or light purple you will feel so refreshed your creative juices will be overflowing long before you actually get to sit down to start working!

Purple is indeed a dynamic color for duvet covers. And it is a popular color for adult as well as youth duvet covers. Purple duvet covers range from elegant bed sets complete with curtains, to whimsical, fairy-tale-like sets laced with pink and done in lace and frills. From royal to romantic, mystery to passion; just like the color purple. Purple duvet covers come in velvet, silk and suprima cotton to give you a supremely complete experience in luxury. I need not mention that velvet has been the designer choice for all-around style for many centuries.

Imagine being whisked away to an enchanted autumn forest, as the September sun creates a purple backdrop to stunning tree silhouettes; that's just one look you can create for your bedroom with a purple duvet cover. This one's ideal for the romantic -

as long as your bedroom lets in lots of sun! And for the one that loves mystery, close your eyes for a minute and see yourself in a thirteenth century bedchamber with old pinkish-purplish sandstone walls, quietly lying in an engulfing pool of deep purple velvet on a bed with posts and draped in lavender nylon. Isn't it all just enchanting? Well, you can create your own special world with a purple duvet cover.

Most purple duvet covers are machine washable, can be tumble dried and have button closure. They come in natural fibers and high thread counts for your maximum comfort. You can find a purple duvet cover in many online stores including,,,, and many more.

A useful suggestion: for yourself you can get a silver purple duvet cover made with a beautiful gray silk with a light purple dragon and floral print ( And for the little one, how about the Little Girl Tea Set Duvet Cover/ Bedskirt/Sham by Room Magic done in pinks and purple? Well, go ahead and have fun creating your enchanting world with a purple duvet cover.