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Lighten Up Your Bedroom With a Pink Duvet Cover 

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Though traditionally a color for little girls bedding, pink is also a lovely colour for the bedroom of today's cosmopolitan adult especially when contrasted with brown or similar dark colours. Pink duvet covers can lend a romantic and softly alluring appeal for your bedroom. Read more as I share about this including a pink and brown duvet cover set.


 Pink comes in a varied number of shades and the most common shades include hot pink, solid pink and pale pink.

I'll bet you're already thinking "Hot pink? In my bedroom?? Mhhmmph.!". Actually you'll be surprised to learn that there are a number of interesting things you can do to complement a pink duvet cover without making your bedroom look like a Barbie Doll ad set or worse - a scene from the latest teen porn movie.

For starters, you can contrast the bolder shades of pink like hot pink, with colours including chocolate brown, dark purple, navy or green for balance. For the lighter shades like pale pink, soft colours like lavender or pale green serve as a perfect matching colour.

Create the contrast by matching a pink duvet cover with brown sheet, pillows and throw. Throw in some shams in a bolder shade of pink than that of the duvet cover and voila ! You have a stunning pink and brown vision of beauty in your bedroom. Alternatively, you can go for a plain pink duvet which you can have embroidered or patched with some lovely flower shapes or pattern of special sentiment to you. The embroidery or patchwork can be done in bold pink and brown, or navy and pale pink and filled in with other suitable colours like yellow or gold to enhance the design. You may think embroidering or patching will cost you more, but it actually might prove the cheaper option overall. Also, its value to you may extend for years to come because of the sentiment attached. If the two contrast options above don't work for you, of course you can always go for the obvious option of going shopping for a lovely pink and brown, pink and purple or pink and navy duvet cover.

Pink duvet covers are available in varied designs including striped, floral, dotted or checkered design. The stripe and dot designs come highly recommended if you're seeking a retro, modern look for your bedroom. Pink and brown is an ideal stripe combination. The material also comes in a wide array of unique fabrics varying from cotton up to silk and linen. Silk comes highly recommended if you want to feel luxurious in your bed. Cotton pink and brown duvet covers are easier to find than silk duvet covers with the same colours.

By now you ought to be ready to lighten up your bedroom with a pink duvet cover. Available at NexTag Comparison Shopping is a classic duvet cover made of crisp white percale with embroidered frames of pink and brown dots, decorated with ricrac and scalloped edging. For your daughter, little sister or niece get a beautiful pale pink duvet cover with assorted pink hearts and the gorgeous princesses, its pillow embroidered with the words "I'm a Princess Every Day" from Disney's range of Disney Princesses Bedding, Bedroom Accessories and Toys. You can shop for a pink and brown duvet cover at, and Yahoo Shopping. Hot Pink Duvet Covers and Pink Solid Color Duvet Covers are in store.