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Duvet Covers' Review

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While some people may decide to buy a duvet cover only others prefer to buy the whole duvet cover set. It is good idea to buy the set because it comes with all the needed components to complete the look and feel of your bedroom.

In addition to this, buying a duvet cover set is a bargain because the set usually comes at a much better discount that when buying each item individually. The duvet bedding sets include a duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillow cases (note: single duvet set comes with one pillow case,

 while the king and queen sets come with two). Some have fitted and flat sheets and standard size pillow cases.

Buying a duvet cover set

You need not complicate the process of choosing the best set for your home. Buy duvet covers that are elegant and simple. Generally the cost of duvet cover sets vary marginally from one retailer to the next. They can cost something like $25 - $40 depending on the retailer and you can also find those going as high as $700. Some retailers to check out are JC Penney, or from the leading online retailer Some of the duvet cover sets to look out for include, Duvet cover sets by Chris Madden®, simoon duver cover set, Rain Paisley Duvet cover set, Sets from Ralph Lauren and also those from Calvin Klein.

Duvet cover sets also come in various magnificent colors such as olive, cool white, jet black, true red, linen or navy blue. Because the covers have a button to "lock" your old bedding inside you can, therefore, enjoy the benefit of buying just the cover sets to change the whole look and feel of your room without getting rid of your old bedding. Basically the mix and match versatility of duvet cover sets make them a hot favorite amongst many consumers.

Different types of duvet cover sets

There are a lot of different types for duvet covers. These vary by size, color, label, type of material, durability etc. In terms of size, you can buy a king size duvet cover, Queen size and a twin size cover set. You need to know the size of the bed you want to cover with the duvet before you buy one. Generally the single or twin duvet cover sets comes with one pillow case, while the king and queen sets come with two pillow cases. It is possible to have a twin duvet cover set with king size pillowcases as long as you request this when making your purchase. But do check if the store you are buying form does offer such an option before you buy.

The good thing is that even amongst the different sizes, there are many types to choose from based on color and other features. For example, you can find half duvet sets and fleece blankets in most popular Children's licensed designs.

The cost of duvet cover sets

Duvet cover set can cost as little as $12 and can going up to $800 and even higer. Generally half duvet cover sets cost around $12 but don't be surprised when you find some going at a much higher rate. Each half set comes with a matching duvet cover and pillow cases. Bumber duvet covers include Valance sheet, pillow cases and curtains and they are a bit expensive at about $30. You can find these at JC Penney.

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