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Enjoy The Pleasure Of Owning A Duvet cover with a Japanese print

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Want to add a Japanese Duvet Cover flair to your house? Go right ahead. You can get one with a flower pattern to bring out the typical Japanese floral. This pattern is bold and inspirational and you should be able to find a well designed pattern of the Japanese floral print.A Catimini Cosmos Duvet cover could provide this kind of look but often is used for kids as Catimini is a children's clothing label, which expanded their clothing collection to catering for children's bedding.

Japanese silk

Japan is famous for its silk fabric production. Kyoto has always been the heart of Japan 's silk weaving , and, since the early centuries, weaving was more common in Nishijin, which is another area of Kyoto . Since Japan still produces silk, this means then that a silk Japanese duvet cover is made out of an elegant woven silk cloth to die for.

Japanese print

Japan is not only famous for its silk but its printmaking, which is reflected in most duvet covers produced world wide. This good reputation for Japan 's print making started in the 17 th century and over centuries Japanese prints have evolved - coming up with different styles, revitalizations and interesting modern creations. This is one of the many reasons that make a Japanese duvet cover or any duvet cover with a Japanese print an attractive bedding item.

Japanese fabric

Japanese textiles include hemp, cotton, silk and ramie. For many years ramie and hemp was used by the ordinary people. This was before cotton became the common fabric amongst the people. These two fabric ramie and hemp are not suitable for winter but is usable in summer and it is not as very comfortable. In fact these fabrics are not very common in the western part of the world.

Get a duvet cover with a Japanese print

So do you want to revamp your room with a duvet cover? duvet sets with a Japanese print should be at the top of your shortlist of sets to consider. Once you buy the Japanese duvet cover, you can then paint your room with a natural color and use Japanese paintings to accessorize the room. You can also use the paintings to get an idea on the Japanese colors you can use to paint your room with. To make it more tranquil, add soft fabrics and some pillows. If the Japanese painting are not your thing, then frame some black and white photos with a green mat.

Some few option to try out are, the Pash Asian Japanese Queen Doona Quilt Duvet cover set or get yourself a custom-designed Duvet Cover with the Japanese print added on the way you like it.

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